Our team 2



Role in Agency: Public Relation Executer
What do you like about your job: Because i love the fact that  i can make a difference
Hobbies: Photographing, handball.
What about the future: In the future I would like to build a big eco-friendly company


Role in Agency: Graphic Designer
What do you like about your job: My job allows me to pursue my passion, and using my creativity
Hobbies: Drawing, Photography and Jogging
What about the future?: I dream of working in an eco-friendly world and maybe one day i will have to cycle in order to produce electricity for my computer.

Sixtine DONOT

Role: Chief executer
What do you love about your job: I’m really happy to do such a wonderful and inspiring job
Hobbies: Boxing and tree lover
What about the future: I hope in the future to be full of love, peace, and care for the environment !


Role in Agency: Account Manager
What do you like about your job:  I believe we should encourage brands to become more eco-friendly about their way of advertising
Hobbies: Judo and playing piano
What about the future?: I hope to work with many companies in order to build a new and greener environment!


Role in Agency: Digital Marketing manager
What do you like about your job: my job allows me to bring my hobbies and and my work together. This is a huge chance for me.
Hobbies: Yoga and meditation
What about the future: I hope we will touch the most of people about environmental issues and digital transformation.


Role in Agency: Copywriter
What do you like about your job: i have a passion for writing this allows me to be fulfilled in my job.
Hobbies: walking With dog, kitesurfing
What about the future:  I am currently writing a book therefore i would like it to be published one day

Our enthusiastic and eco-friendly team at

This is TheFiveCOM AGENCY team! We are enthusiastic and eco-friendly but we are also ready to take on challenges! 

At TheFiveCOM Agency, we are enjoying helping companies to improve the way they communicate. In fact, our team is honored to settled goals in order to always make sure that we do our best to improve.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the biggest issue of our era: global warming. We hope that we become attractive enough so that environmental firms join our network. Indeed, working in collaboration with others in order to eradicate this issue is a challenge for TheFiveCOM AGENCY.  Moreover we are in a perpetual search for alternative ways of communicating. Additionally, we trend to inform the sooner possible substitute ways of doing communication.

TheFiveCOM AGENCY has multiples and meaningful values which are always about overcoming challenges. In order to do so we aim to work with different type of creative minds. Furthermore we like to produce qualified and private solutions depending on the challenge of each business we work with. TheFiveCOM AGENCY‘s team is inspired by alternative technologies and innovations. Those help to spread knowledge about climate change. But they also trend to change the directions in which society is going by thinking. Now people think about developing alternatives ways of living that is more eco-friendly. TheFiveCOM AGENCY hopes to create an excellent relation with its clients. To us, working efficiently and define precise goals to finally inspire others is a long-term objective! 

Moreover TheFiveCom Agency’s other goal is to raise awareness on the ecological aspect of digital transformation management. We consider our agency eco-friendly, enthusiastic and ready to take on challenges! In fact, many people are not aware that the digital transformation of a company may be eco-friendly as well! We are here to help you in your digital transformation management and make you realise that you can change many non eco-friendly habits such as sending a massive amount of non-useful emails which is terrible for the Earth. If you are interested and want to know why emails are very dangerous, we invite you to go read our articles!  

If your are an eco-friendly business or even an independent entrepreneur ready to boost your communication strategies then don’t hesitate to contact TheFiveCOM AGENCY. Our email address is thefivecomagency@gmail.com

We also recommend you to surf on our website and read our free articles. They have been wrote by the team at TheFiveCOM AGENCY. Where the question of environnement is raising, we specialized our articles on digital transformation.