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The COP21 mobilized digital transformation projects?

While many industries and the human activities are reshaping our climate, the COP21, mobilized multiples nations. The goal was to think about rebuilding a collective thinking.


“Digital has become a staple of the sustainable development strategy of many companies. It would allow the creation and use of new and more responsible products and services and their promotion on social media. Digital technology would also facilitate the participation of stakeholders in the eco-friendly business strategy.”

For instance, the management of energy and resource such as water was different.

Still according to the article above, companies and nations set up smart Grid projects. The projects used digital technologies in electricity distribution networks in order to save energy. Veolia and IBM are currently implementing a smart water project to make water management smarter, to be assured of supply and to avoid waste.


However, it claimed something very important. 

“The more the technological improvements increase the efficiency with which a resource is used, the more the total consumption of this resource will tend to increase, instead of diminishing”.


Those types of projects are really important because those initiatives twill help the reputations of companies. It will also actually change the way we use energy.

The COP21 was quite successful in few areas. However many other nations did not think of it as a primary summit. This is very unfortunate because it held many projects to save our planet. 


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