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How is digital transformation management related to the issue of global warming ?

Global warming and the digital transformation are two of the most challenging aspects of our era.

Both have big consequences and are closely linked. Indeed, climate change is one of the most bigger issue on Earth and historians claims that it all started with the industrial revolution.

Indeed, as Helen McGregor stated in her article: “In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, no one would have thought that their burning of fossil fuels would have an almost immediate effect on the climate.”

With the industrial revolutions comes the digital revolution and the digital world we live in, in today’s society. The digital transformation of companies started and is now a new way to compete. It is also a way to become more efficient and to maximize your marginal revenue for instance. However, on the other hand, it also redefine the way people consume. Indeed, according to dateberg “everyday 85 million packages and documents are delivered around the world”. This shapes the growth of today’s consumption and the climate change we observe this past few years.

However, those new consumers also started to be aware of the challenges of our era. Indeed, there have been a rise of ‘corpsumer’ for instance. A CorpSumer is according to Emily DiGrazio a brand activist who considers a company’s values, actions, and reputation to be just as important as their product or service.

Thanks to those corpsumer, more and more companies think more strategically to maximize profit without being harmful to the planet.


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written by: Lilou D

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