Digital Transformation Management: Never do or think those things if you are a company

#1 Underestimating the power of communication

As Alison DeNisco Rayome stated in her article “How to kick-start digital transformation in your enterprise”, it’s important to “communicate early and often with everyone not just digital leaders”. Indeed, at TheFiveCOM AGENCY, we believe that the leaders of companies whom decided to change their traditional way of working will become more successful due to the technologies. Those are definitely useful to improve many aspect of a company which will obviously boost the sales or revenues.


#2 ‘Digital transformation management is about technology’ man-working-for-his-company

Digital transformation management is a buzz word but means a lot. Most companies have heard it by now, sometimes without really knowing its meaning. Or might only understand that digital transformation is about integrating the new technologies related to digital into the foundation of your business. However technology would be nothing without the digital professional. So as Jon Aizlewood stated in his article “6 Tips for a Successful Digital Transformation, […] technology doesn’t make the world go round, people do.” This is an important aspect to not forget.


#3 ‘I’ll do the digital transformation management by myself’

It is not because you are a small company that it means you should do the transformation by yourself. Indeed, even though you might have got insights about your needs, getting help from an agile expert is the key of a successful management. An expert will be able to understand the need much more precisely than you might think. An expert will also have a clear insight of the whole company need and give an overall analysis.

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written by: Lilou. D

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