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5 tips to shape your startup on Digital Transformation

5 tips to shape your startup on Digital Transformation

Due to the digital revolution, new businesses have different perspective on digital transformation management. Indeed, they are already aware of the benefits to directly incorporate digital into their business. However, at TheFiveCOM AGENCY, we believe that it is necessary to pinpoint some eco-friendly tips on digital transformation for small companies and startups.

#1 Try to go “paperless”

Indeed, in today’s society, printing at the office is not as necessary as we might think. Most of the task and work can be done online or by using laptops and the cloud in order to avoid waste of paper.

#2 Use your laptop eco-settings

It’s important to actually check the setting of your computer because most of them have eco-friendly settings. According to Groovy Green, you can “Make sure your monitor’s sleep feature is set to power down automatically when you are away from it for a while. Look for ‘Power Options’ in your control panel. While sleep mode still uses some energy it can also save a great deal”

#3 Keep computer equipment updated or buy new equipment

The current technologies are more energy efficient than most of the 2000’s technologies. You can also replace your computers by donating or selling it to shops that recycle the elements from your laptop.  

#5 Be careful with your electric consumption!

It might seems obvious by now but “there’s a direct connection between your energy use and the environment” Most of electric consumption waste is due to no one actually take the controlling of the office thermostat. Balance recommend that ‘If you have access to your office thermostat, heat your office to a maximum of 70°F/21°C when occupied, 61°F/16°C when unoccupied.”

Are you a startup yourself and you found our tips useful ? Don’t hesitate to comment below!

written by: Lilou D

4 thoughts on “5 tips to shape your startup on Digital Transformation”

  1. As a co-founder of a new startup I found the articles very interesting! we will definitely apply some of those tips into the company

    1. thank you for your comment! Don’t hesitate to ask us questions! We are always delighted to talk to founder of new companies!

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