How can startups benefit from digital transformation management efficiently?

How can startups benefit from digital transformation management efficiently?

What impact does digital transformation have on our environment?

Digital transformation touches all aspects of our human and physical work in many varied and constantly changing ways. Indeed, we are are highly connected through data. Moreover, this connection has the capacity to empower citizens and enrich our lives. In addition, it is a well-known fact that carbon emissions from the digital eco-system are significant.

Indeed, for instance, Greenpeace has driven greater awareness around data centres and the internet. A number of articles have highlighted the internet’s impact on our natural systems.

If your building a startup you must be aware that digital transformation has impacts. It impacts our lovely planet in positive and negative forms. Companies and private individuals are looking for alternative solutions.They want  to preserve our planet and to consume in a more responsible way.

Even though, what comes up to mind about digital transformation for the environment is negative we can also say it is an opportunity. Indeed, transformation is always an evolution, whether it is bad or good. There are also powerful transformation tools in order to solve environmental issues.


For startups, it can be powerful to combine digital intelligent tools with sustainability: startup environment

  • Prepare design and process options with industrial materials which you can recycle
  • Aggregate impact & compare with options and alternatives to find the best solutions for Earth
  • Quantify and think about the impact of each material you use; the best alternative is to use nontoxic and natural materials that are respectful to environment
  • Do not waste your materials or energy: recycle is the key to success



If you have already read our article on emails (Are emails bad for the environment?), you now know how dangerous and toxic they can be.  Indeed, an easy way to start being sustainable in your company is to reduce useless emails.


Moreover, we invite you to think about it and start being eco-friendly even at work! Don’t hesitate to comment below!


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