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Digital Transformation: only a buzz word ?

As Sooraj Shah states in his article “ Will 2019 see the end of the term ‘digital transformation’ ” that the term digital transformation is a buzzword.

However, “[…] has transcended the IT industry and has gone mainstream, and doesn’t seem to be losing its appeal as a phrase used for organisations undergoing some sort of transformational change involving people, processes and technology.”digital transformation buzz

Therefore, is this phrase make sense ?

Apparently it does now! There are more and more companies reshaping and using digital transformation management strategies to process this change.

Moreover, according to Mark Samuels, “digital transformation simply offers tech vendors another opportunity to rebrand their offerings. It’s not uncommon to see systems and services being sold as the answer for digital transformation.”

The IT industry only invented those strategies in order to sell new technologies.

At TheFiveCOM AGENCY, we don’t not think that it is truly accurate. Indeed, even if the IT industry created a need, this need exists in real life. More and more industries are using it in order to become more friendly, mobile, and accessible. This is the case especially in the communication field.  

Gideon Kay, the European CIO at advertising specialist Dentsu Aegis also have a very specific point of view : “I don’t think there’s such a thing as digital transformation […] I just think it’s two words that people put together.  Technology drives this  rapid transformation. Yet all change in society and business these days is impacted by some level of technology.”

Today we call traditional communication, the communication we used decades ago. Will digital communication become the traditional communication at some point ? Will digital transformation will stop ?

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written by: Lilou. D

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