innovation and digital transformation in companies

Innovation and digital transformation in companies

At TheFiveCOM AGENCY we like when companies comes and ask questions. Here is why we decided to tell you more about the importance of innovation and its role in the digital transformation that companies have to go through.

Our world is driven by the increase of progress and technologies innovations. Companies must pursue opportunities and measure risks linked to all these new changes.

Indeed, the process of digital transformation continues and concerns all sectors: industry, agriculture, trade, hobbies, urbans services, transports, and social media.

These changes are also creating immense opportunities and the tools to prosper during the age of digital disruption are accessible and available.  

Innovation and transformation evoke modernization and change; they are both outcomes of change management concept. People often use these both terms like synonymous; however, they do not have the same definition, let’s check an eye on their differences:

On one hand, for many businesses, innovation requires many encouragement throughout the whole process . In fact, it requires; innovation thinking and idea sharing, strong collaboration and communication. Innovation is about improvement within a company like improve concepts, increase efficiency and improve profitability.

On the other hand, today, we could say transformation is defined as the result of moving from one given state to another with the help of digital. It is the growth of a company with the goal to target a larger audience.

So, which one is the best for your company? Both.

Innovation is as important as digital transformation.

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written by: Emma A.

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